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EAAA supports The Voice to Parliament

EAAA (Elder Abuse Action Australia) supports the establishment of the Voice to Parliament. We acknowledge and respect the voices and aspirations of our First Nations peoples within the political landscape of our nation. A Voice to Parliament is an opportunity for true reconciliation, empowerment, and inclusion. It marks an important step towards a more equitable and just society.

EAAA is a social justice values-based organisation. The principles of dignity, equality, and mutual respect are the pillars on which those human rights are based.

The Voice to Parliament will provide First Nations peoples with a direct channel to express their concerns, aspirations, and perspectives. It will allow their voices to be heard and respected in the decision-making processes directly affecting their lives. A dedicated platform within the parliamentary system, recognises their unique status as our First Nations peoples and honours their rightful place in shaping the future of Australia.

A Voice to Parliament will enhance the consultation between First Nations communities and the government. Policies and legislation will be developed in a more responsive manner and reflect the needs and aspirations of Indigenous Australians.

The abuse of older First Nations peoples is compounded by the impact of colonisation with many separated from their lands and from their children and parents.

EAAA supports the rights of older First Nations peoples to be free from abuse and treated with respect. The Voice is for all Australians to hear from older First Nations peoples of their lived experiences and their advice on how to stop the financial, psychological, social, physical, cultural, sexual abuse and neglect of them.

A Voice to Parliament is an important step towards reconciliation and healing in our nation. It signifies a genuine commitment to acknowledging past injustices and actively working towards social equity. Creating an inclusive space within our parliamentary system will foster a sense of belonging, respect, and unity between Indigenous and non-indigenous Australians.

We acknowledge that people, including our members and employees, may hold different opinions. We respect their right to do so. Everyone has the freedom to make independent decisions at the ballot box, exercising their democratic prerogative.

Regardless of the referendum’s outcome, EAAA will persist in embracing the ethos of reconciliation and stands alongside First Nations Australians. We value this opportunity for positive change and a path towards a strong, fairer, and more united Australia.

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