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Our Work

EAAA exists to make real and meaningful change. We do this primarily through advocacy, publicity and practical guidance.
Our Work
EAAA exists to make real and meaningful change. We do this primarily through advocacy, publicity and practical guidance.


What is Compass?

Compass is a national website navigating elder abuse in Australia. Compass aims to create a national focus on elder abuse by raising awareness of this growing social issue and simplifying the process of connecting people to services and information tackling elder abuse.

Compass has been created by EAAA with funding from the Australian Government Attorney-General’s Department.

Why Compass was created

Priority Area 2 of the National Plan to Respond to the Abuse of Older Australians 2019-2023 outlines the Australian Government’s commitment to build a national elder abuse knowledge hub to consolidate a diverse range of information and resources about the abuse of older people, for the benefit of the community.

For information, services, support, news or events about elder abuse, access the Compass website by clicking here.

To see our Compass Featured Topics and webinars, click here.

Australian Elder Abuse Conference 

The Australian Elder Abuse Conference is the only conference specifically addressing elder abuse in Australia.

The conference brings together a diverse and highly engaged audience of individuals and organisations to: 

  1. share the stories and experiences of older people
  2. exchange the latest national and international research and evidence
  3. highlight programs and responses being delivered in Australia
  4. collectively lend their voice to end elder abuse

In 2019, EAAA announced it would become the organiser of the National Elder Abuse Conference and host all future conferences in partnership with a local organisation as conference co-host.

Our next Conference will held at the Adelaide Convention Centre from 22 – 24 July 2024, and is the first under the new title of Australian Elder Abuse Conference. EAAA and our co-host Aged Rights Advocacy Service (ARAS) look forward to welcoming delegates both in-person and online.

The Conference theme is Turn Up the Volume! which urges everyone to raise their voices against the abuse of older people. It’s a rallying cry to amplify the call and remind everyone that we cannot go quietly about the quest for real and lasting change.

Registration and sponsorship information can be found on the conference website or you can subscribe for conference updates.


Our advocacy work

Using its knowledge and experience, EAAA engages with state and federal government departments and peak organisations to influence positive change for older Australians

A key part of our work is agitating for an improved understanding of elder abuse and enhanced protection of human rights for older Australians under the UN Convention.

Specifically, EAAA is working for:

a national approach to the protection of the rights of older people
harmonisation of laws and regulations across the states and territories to better protect older people
a community that understands the abuse of older people is everyone’s business
an end to ageism.

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