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EAAA exists to make real and meaningful change. We do this primarily through advocacy, publicity and practical guidance.


EAAA exists to make real and meaningful change. We do this primarily through advocacy, publicity and practical guidance.

Annual Reports

Annual Report cover 2020-2021

Annual Report 2020–2021

Elder Abuse Action Australia—EAAA—is a specialist organisation acting to eliminate elder abuse. Our work positively impacts the lives of older Australians, their families, communities and broader society.

EAAA was established to confront the often-hidden problem of discrimination, neglect and mistreatment of older Australians.

Annual Report cover 2019-2020

Annual Report 2019–2020

Elder Abuse Action Australia (EAAA) is the national voice for action to eliminate elder abuse through systemic advocacy and policy development, best practice and research, and education and capacity building. EAAA is a specialist organisation with knowledge of issues that impact older people and their families, communities and broader society. Our board represents advocacy groups that are strong advocates on elder abuse in their jurisdictions.


Media releases

Media release

Call to action on the national plan to respond to abuse of older Australians

In committing to a National Plan to Respond to the Abuse of Older Australians (2019–2023), the Meeting of Attorneys-General has demonstrated it understands the importance of addressing elder abuse.


World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD) takes place annually on 15 June. Officially recognised by the United Nations General Assembly back in December 2011.

The day is designed to raise awareness of elder abuse, and to unite in our efforts to stamp out the physical, financial, and mental abuse that too many of our older citizens experience.

Elder Abuse Action Australia (EAAA) believe that around 10% of older Australians experience elder abuse, the majority in their own homes and from a trusted person.

With current numbers of older people in this country, that equates to nearly half a million people who are at risk and/or experiencing a form of elder abuse.


Position Statements

Harmonisation of Enduring Power of Attorney Laws in Australia and a National Register

A national register, which is a mandatory scheme that is properly resourced, practical to use, affordable, addresses privacy and consent concerns and facilitates the making of and reliance upon substitute decision-making documents.


Response to the Royal Commission’s Final Report

Leading elder abuse prevention organisation highlights why focus must be on human rights underpinning aged care reforms


EAAA Statement on COVID-19

At the commencement of this statement, the EAAA board members wish to express our sympathies to the families and communities whose older members have already passed away as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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