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The National Elder Abuse Conference (NEAC) is the only annual conference specifically addressing elder abuse in Australia. The 7th NEAC, Walk the Talk: Stepping Up Together, will be hosted by Elder Abuse Action Australia and COTA Tasmania in Hobart on 14-15 February 2022.

The purpose of 7th National Elder Abuse Conference is to bring together individuals and organisations across all sectors who connect with older people to discuss, debate and learn about:

    • Policy, regulation and law;
    • Seeing and hearing each other’s voices from diverse perspectives;
    • Systemic abuse of older Australians
    • Naming and framing the mistreatment of older people; and
    • What’s working locally, nationally and globally.

The Walk the Talk Conference is uniquely placed to examine the confluence of factors that allow us to:

    • examine the impact of COVID-19 on older people;
    • consider the recommendations of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety;
    • challenge our preconceptions with the release of the National Prevalence Study; and
    • comprehend the impact outlined in the Economic Cost of Elder Abuse Report.

We’ll keep you updated with all the information you’ll need to book your place at Walk the Talk.


Individuals and organisations who would like to make a presentation at the conference can submit abstracts for review until 7 May 2021. You can find out more on the NEAC website to submit your abstract.


Conferences just don’t happen. They require people with dedication, deep knowledge, and a desire to engage peers and challenge ideas.

EAAA and COTA Tasmania are very fortunate to have such contributors to the development of Walk the Talk, and we’d like to thank and acknowledge them for bringing their expertise to the planning of this important event.would like to acknowledge and thank the dedicated members of the Conference Organising and Program Committees.

Organising Committee

Sue Leitch, Dr Lyn McGaurr, Russell Westacott, Bev Lange, Katy Roy

Program Committee

Sue Leitch, Dr Lyn McGaurr, Russell Westacott, Dr Peta Cook, Professor Briony Dow, Sue McGrath, Dr Rae Kaspiew, Mary Patetsos, Bev Lange

Compass is a national website navigating elder abuse in Australia. Compass aims to create a national focus on elder abuse by raising awareness of this growing social issue, and simplify the process of connecting people to services and information tackling elder abuse.

Compass has been created by Elder Abuse Action Australia (EAAA), with funding from the Australian Government Attorney-General’s Department.

Guiding Action on Elder Abuse

    • Compass continues to build content through featured articles, brochures, policies, training resources, tools and videos. Our content covers ageism, increasing online skills, rights, legal advice, mental health, planning for the future case studies, specific audiences and resources in more than 11 different languages.
    • Compass has showcased featured topics including Sexual Abuse of Older Women, Preventing Financial Elder Abuse, Being a Carer, Working Together to Tackle Elder Abuse. and LGBTQIA65+ Equality at Every Age. Articles, resources and support providers accompany webinars with highly skilled and experienced professionals and people with lived experience of elder abuse.
    • Since December 2019, more than 36,600 people have visited Compass accessing information on being heard, finding carer support, getting financial help and finding an advocate.
    • Compass undertook audience consultations July and August 2020 to ensure the site is useful and accessible to LGBTI+ older people, culturally and linguistically diverse older people and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander older people.

What is Elder Abuse?

Elder abuse – the abuse and neglect of older people – is increasingly reported. Some stories in the media reveal shocking problems in residential aged care.

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