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Lunch and Learn: Planning ahead dementia resources

Introduction: Jenny Blakey, EAAA Board Member
Presenter: Lucy Best, Senior Rights Victoria (SRV)

Lucy will be showcasing a series of videos produced as part of a project which launched in 2018 and funded as part of the Victorian Government’s Integrated Services Fund.

The project saw SRV, in partnership with Dementia Australia, deliver information to support people who have been diagnosed with dementia to plan ahead.

SRV recognised that the increased risk for people with dementia is often the result of a loss of decision-making capacity. This can result in decisions being made on their behalf that might not align with their wishes. The best way to avoid this is forward planning. However, this is an often-neglected option because people either don’t know how or find it too difficult to have the necessary the conversations.

Lucy will share one of the videos and accompanying guide before leading a discussion on how this work can support service providers.