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Lend your voice to end elder abuse

Elder Abuse Action Australia (EAAA) is the national voice for action that eliminates elder abuse.

Our vision is a society that respects and values all older people and is free from elder abuse.

Through our campaigns, advocacy and policy development, our actions will positively impact the lives of older Australians, their families, communities and broader society as we seek to eliminate elder abuse. Our board represents advocacy groups that are strong advocates on elder abuse in their jurisdictions.

Evidence about the prevalence of elder abuse in Australia is unknown, though if international indications provide any guidance, it is likely that between 2% and 14% of older Australians experience elder abuse in any given year, with the prevalence of neglect possibly higher.

In addition, older people can experience other challenges, such as disability and dementia, that can make them more susceptible to elder abuse. Elder abuse can also result from societal and structural factors such as social isolation and ageism.

EAAA will continue to partner with the government, community organisations, older people and other sectors to end elder abuse and to work with Government on the delivery of the National Plan to respond to the Abuse of Older Australians.

EAAA’s Strategic Plan is ambitious and challenging. It relies on strong partnerships with members and stakeholders. Working together we will understand, prevent and respond to elder abuse and protect the rights of older Australians.

Our board of directors, along with our member organisations and individuals believe in the rights of older Australians and by becoming a member of EAAA, you too can lend your voice to help us end elder abuse!

How your message makes a difference

Our members are important for two reasons. EAAA seeks a robust and active membership whose issues, challenges and experiences can be distilled into policy statements, systemic advocacy and campaigns to end abuse of older people. The other benefit of a significant number of EAAA members is also to help fund our future work. EAAA’s longer-term sustainability requires diversified revenue streams members from all sectors both individuals and organisations.

EAAA is now moving from its establishment phase to a time of growth and activity aimed at ending elder abuse, please lend your voice to help us end elder abuse!

Our campaigns, advocacy and policy development will positively impact the lives of older Australians and their families, communities and broader society. We invite you as either an individual or organisation to join EAAA to help us fund this important work.”

Diedre Timms and Russell Westacott, EAAA’s Co-Chairs

Membership policy

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Membership categories and fees

EAAA’s membership structure is divided into two primary streams being Individual and Organisation. Membership categories, fees and entitlements are summarised in the table below.

Membership Fee’s are listed as the amount payable by the Member at the commencement of every 12-month membership term. All figures are in Australian Dollars and inclusive of 10% GST.

EAAA Individual Membership




Annual Fee

$25.00 inc GST

$5.00 inc GST


Individual Memberships is held by a single person, whose details appear on the Membership Application approved by the EAAA Board. Individual Memberships (and benefits & entitlements of) are not transferrable.

Voting Rights

Individual Members (whose Membership is current and paid in full) have the right to attend, debate and vote at all General Meetings; in accordance with EAAA’s constitution. At a General Meeting, each Individual Member has one vote.

EAAA Organisation Membership




Annual Fee

The Annual Fee payable for Organisation Membership is based on the Organisations’ annual turnover and determined using the following table.

Turnover Bracket

Annual Fee Payable (inc GST)

1. Up to $150k



2. $150,001 – $300k



3. $300,001 – $500k



4. $500,001 – $1M



5. $1,000,001 – $2.5M



6. $2,500,001 – $5M



7. $5,000,001 – $10M



8. $10,000,001 – $30M



9. $30,000,001+




Organisation Membership is held by the legal entity whose details appear on the Membership Application approved by the EAAA Board.
Member Organisations, represented by their nominated representatives have the right to attend and speak at General Meetings

Voting Rights

Full Memberships are entitled to three (3) votes

Associate Memberships do not have voting rights